Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Trail

This episode provides an introduction to the Japanese Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Trails. This episode contains a series of three interviews including with an Australian based hiking company as well as with hikers who have done this trip in the past two years:

  • Introduction
  • Interview with Marcus Ludriks from Australian based Home Comforts Hiking
    • Marcus’s hiking background
    • About the trail
    • Trail options
    • What sort of fitness do you need to do this walk?
    • Who hikes the Kumano Kodo?
    • Training requirements
    • Japanese culture
    • Trip highlights
    • About Home Comforts Hiking
  • Interview with Helen Wallis about her 2018 trip
  • Interview with Kellie Briggs 2019 trip
  • Gill and Tim’s 2 cents worth
    • Key takeaways
        • Glamping
        • The culture
          • People
          • Food
          • Hot Springs – Onsen
        • The Landscape
          • Spring vs Autumn
      • Don’t forget the trekking poles
      • It may not be long but those hills!
      • Sister Trail to the Camino

Check out the episode here!