I’ll make sure you have a great experience!

I’ll make sure you have a great experience!

Home Comforts Hiking was established by Marcus Ludriks. Marcus loves hiking and has completed many multi day hikes around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Nepal, China, Vietnam, South Korea and Hong Kong.

Marcus is an accredited Assistant Organiser with Hong Kong Hiking Meetup, and has basic and wilderness first aid training. Safety is a high priority on all hikes and a mobile phone and/or emergency beacon, a first aid kit and detailed maps are carried on all our hikes. A safety briefing identifying risks and counter measures is held at the start of each tour. Marcus leads all our hikes.

All hikes organised by Home Comforts Hiking are Easy to Moderate, and suitable for anyone with a basic level of fitness. As accommodation is arranged at the end of each day, there is no need to carry tents, bedding or a lot of food. Backpacks therefore are of reasonable weight and on all hikes (except some Yuraygir NSW hikes), baggage transfer or storage is available.



We rate our hikes from 1 to 5 to give hikers a guide to the level of difficulty. 

Our PADS rating is described below:


1. slow and easy pace – 3 km/hr or slightly faster on flats

2. regular hiking at a comfortable pace with regular breaks – 4 km/hr on flats.             

3. fast walking; not many breaks – 5 to 6 km/hr on flats                                                           

4. serious speedsters; expect to jog some of the time – 7 to 9 km/hr or on flats             

5. serious trail runners; expect to run most of the time – 9+ km/hr on flats

All our walks are at a slow and easy pace

Total Ascent:

1.4 - 100m
1.6 - 150m
2.0 – 250m
2.2 – 300m
2.4 – 350m
2.6 – 400m
2.8 – 450m
3.0 – 500m
3.2 – 550m
3.4 – 600m
3.6 – 650m
3.8 – 700m
4.0 – 750m
4.2 – 800m
4.4 – 850m
4.6 – 900m
4.8 – 950m
5.0 – 1,000m or above


1.0 – Less than 3.0km

1.6 – 3.0km

1.8 – 4.0km

2.0 – 5.0km

2.5 – 7.5km

2.6 – 8.0km

2.8 – 9.0km

3.0 – 10km

3.5 – 15km

4.0 – 20km

5.0 – 30km over above


  1. all on paved / concrete paths

  2. well defined trails but with significant rocky bits and unevenness

  3. less well defined trail; not maintained; substantial unevenness

  4. trail is undefined; bushwhacking; loose or slippery surface; footing sometimes obscured by undergrowth

  5. the trail is undefined; you will need to use your hands; bordering on rock climbing

All our hikes are mostly on well defined trails

To determine the overall rating, the host will sum the score from each category, and then divide it by 4. For example, if the Host assigns each rating above as follows: P – 2; A – 2.6; D – 3; S – 2, the overall rating will be (2+2.6+3+2)/4=2.4 

Our hikes are then described by levels of difficulty according to their difficulty levels as:

1.0 to 2.3 Easy to Moderate (depending on your fitness)
2.3 to 3.0 Moderate to Hard (depending on your fitness)
3.0 to 3.6 Hard (N/A to our hikes)
3.6 to 4.3 Very Hard (N/A to our hikes)
4.3+ Extremely Hard (N/A to our hikes)

NOTE: All of our hikes are rated less than 3.6